This meeting launched the Garden Gnome Society in a room filled with statuettes of gnomes. This creative approach will take the Unit through the entire year in a second and parallel identity, enabling members to practice the many steps required to create and manage an organization following Robert’s Rules of Order.

Kindra Speech opened the program by explaining the basics of convening and managing a “mass meeting”. Chris Burns then led the group through formal steps to reconstitute themselves as a real mass meeting. She guided them through the basic actions and decisions with occasional assistance from Coco Siewert, PRP, member and Unit parliamentarian.

Following the close of the “mass meeting” Unit President Bonsignore introduced distinguished guest, Joyce Brown-Watkins, PRP, NAP District 4 Regional Director. The director congratulated Kindra and Chris on their presentation and shared information about district activities and coming events.

Finally, Eric Bond was congratulated on passing the NAP exam. Director Joyce Brown-Watkins solemnized the occasion by presenting him with a state membership pin.

As the very successful meeting closed it was clear to all that this novel approach is the perfect vehicle for learning parliamentary procedure “from the ground up”.