Nominations and Elections was a popular topic that interested members and visitors at the November 18 Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit (LSPU) meeting.  Presenters for the lesson were Gina LaCroix and Vesta DeRiso who captured the essence of seventeen pages of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th edition) by outlining the various ways that nominations can be done within an organization and ably presiding over a meeting in which nominations were made and an election was held.

The six ways that nominations can be made are:

  • By the chair
  • From the floor
  • By a committee
  • By ballot
  • By mail
  • By petition.

Time and again participants were told to look at the bylaws and rules of the particular organization.  For example, many organizations allow nominations from the floor following a nominating committee’s report but some allow nominations only from the nominating committee.  In the absence of clearly defined rules for nominations and elections special motions can be made at the time of nominations/elections to establish procedures.

Because The Garden Gnome Society is a new organization in the process of formation and was electing officers for the first time, officers were nominated from the floor and elected by ballot vote with tellers counting, the numbers to be recorded in the meeting minutes.

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Since The Garden Gnome Society is a pretend organization most people were happy to accept nomination and be elected, knowing that they will not continue as officers with all accompanying responsibilities.

At the December 16 LSPU meeting the parliamentary lesson will be on creating an agenda and preparing for a regular meeting, a very important lesson for anybody!