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Main Motions and Subsidiary Motions was the topic of the February 17, 2015 meeting of the Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit.  One common misconception is that there can be only one motion on the floor at a time.  However, the statement is that there can be only one main motion under consideration at a time.  Presenters Eleanor “Coco” Siewert and Eric Bonds showed how a number of subsidiary motions like amend, commit, postpone definitely and more can in theory be on the floor and under consideration in an order established by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

 There were Many Questions


Eleanor Siewert Explaining the Basics and Eric Bond Reinforcing a Point

Thank you to Another Couple of Super Presenters.

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Each subsidiary motion has its own standard descriptive characteristics (SDC’s) that need to be applied when each motion is used.  For example, a motion to amend cannot interrupt a person speaking; it must be seconded; it can be debated and amended; its passage takes a majority vote; and it can be reconsidered.  The lesson on motions gave everybody, whether a newcomer or a seasoned parliamentarian, an opportunity to participate as presiders, motion makers, debaters, voters, or to ask any question.

The next Unit meeting will be March 17, 2015, at the First Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Michigan. The day’s topic will be Minutes.  

Visitors are always welcome!