April Showers Bring May Flowers… 


The Garden Gnome Society under the leadership of Elizabeth Haynes, RP and Joan Britton tried out the useful motion Fill in the Blanks at the April 21, 2015 meeting.  This particular motion can help an assembly make a decision when there are several choices.

For example, the Garden Gnome Society was planning for their annual event that features displays of gnomes for all occasions and several dates were proposed for the outdoor event.  If you use a standard amending process there could be only three choices for the date–the original date proposed, an amendment with a new date, and an amendment to the amendment with one more date.

However, the GG Society wanted to choose from several dates at different times of the year so the process fill in the blanks was used with members debating on and then voting on many proposed dates until one received a majority of the votes. 

While fill in the blanks elicited many comments and seemed complicated, nearly all agreed that there would be times when any society might need to use this process if it has a decision requiring lots of options.  For example, it could be used when a society is setting a new dues rate or if the organization is buying or selling property.

In May, when the flowers are blooming, members of the Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit will learn how to be better board (not bored) members!