Garden Gnome Society Approves Standing Rules

The Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit began its program year on Tuesday, September 15 with a lesson on Standing Rules and a regular business meeting. Mary Ann Rosenberger described the importance of and the nature of standing rules, also called policies that may constitute an administrative manual . Whatever they are called, standing rules are important for most organizations in that they deal with administrative details, further elucidate bylaws, or define customs that are unique to an society. Usually, standing rules emerge from the societys life instead of being established with bylaws.

Unlike bylaws, standing rules can be suspended at a particular session and can be adopted without previous notice. Here are some examples of standing rules. 1. Regular meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. the first Monday of each month in even-numbered months.

2. Members will wear their organizations pin and name tag when they meet.

3. No meeting refreshments may contain peanuts or nuts.

Standing rules are specific for organizations and to show how they are adopted, the second part of the lesson was spent approving standing rules for the all-in-fun The Garden Gnome Society. Everybody present was able to amend proposed standing rules, speak in favor of and in opposition; soon we were amending amendments, voting by voice, and voting by rising. Leader Joan Price effectively presided over the sometimes complex proceedings.