Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit

By the Book—Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised Of Course!

2016-2017 Program of Study

September 20, 2016:   Order of Business 41,    refers to section in RONR

Presenter: Gina LaCroix,  Application: Chris Burns

October 18, 2016   The Main Motion 10

Presenter: Deb Davis,  Application: Barbara Barlow

November 15, 2016   Amending Motions 12

Presenter: Terrian Bell,  Application: Linwood Carlton Lyles

December 20, 2015   Search the Book

Presenter: Beth Haynes,  Application: Pam Williams

January 17, 2017  Committee of the Whole, and Its Alternate Forms 52

Presenter: Vesta DeRiso,  Application: Max Rothbart

February 21, 2017   Bring Back Motions 37

Presenter: Beth Delaney,  Application: Stefanie Lewis

March 21, 2017   Rules Governing Assignment of the Floor 42

Presenter: Joan Price,  Application: Barbara Bonsignore

April 18, 2017   Meeting Scripts 10 (page 119-121 and more)

Presenter: Dot Martin,  Application: Diane Schrift

May 16, 2017   Types of Meetings 9    (NOTE: 30 Minute Presentation)

Presenter: Mary Ann Rosenberger,  Application: Rosy M. Latimore