By the Book—Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised Of Course! is the 2016-2017 course of study for the Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit.  Order of Business was the first lesson and what sounds like a simple topic of planning a meeting agenda gave us lots to consider.

According to RONR the standard order of business includes the following:

M for Minutes

R for Reports

S for Standing and Special Committee Reports

S for Special Orders

U for Unfinished Business

N for New Business

But, there are variations to MRS. SUN!  Your organization’s ordinary business meeting may include Announcements or something known as the Good of the Order or the Program/Presentation may be included.  RONR does not include the Call to Order, Opening Ceremonies, Roll Call, or the Adjournment in the basic meeting framework.

Here are some of the questions, among many, that presenters Gina LaCroix and Chris Burns answered.

What’s the order for reports from officers and committees?

Officers and committees report in the order they are listed in the club’s bylaws.

When do you do the Treasurer’s Report? 

The Treasurer’s Report is included in the officers’ reports.

What is Unfinished Business?

Formerly called Old Business, Unfinished Business refers to items of business begun at the last meeting and not completed.  The presider does not call for Unfinished Business unless he/she knows that items of business are still pending from the last meeting.

What are Special Orders? 

Many Special Orders are designated in the bylaws such as naming the month when elections will be held.  Others are designated by the club in a previous meeting by establishing the month or hour when a particular discussion will be held.

What’s a Good of the Order? 

A club may have a time when members may say something about the general welfare of the organization; it can be a time for informal announcements.

On October 18 the Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit will be studying The Main Motion.  Come and join us for another lively discussion when we meet at 9:30-noon at the First Presbyterian Church, 1669 West Maple, Birmingham, Michigan.  All of our meetings are open to guests but if you want a special invitation contact