The Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit (LSPU) met December 20, 2016 with the lesson of the day Search the Book (RONR). When serving as a parliamentarian or answering questions for friends it’s important to know where to find information quickly.

Members Elizabeth Haynes and Pam Williams led the 25 members and guests through some exercises on searching in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th. edition). Here’s an example:   Does my club need to have an election of officers by paper ballot?

  • Look at the overall layout of RONR and there’s an entire section devoted to nominations and elections.
  • To find more specific answers, use the index to find what pages discuss ballots and elections in detail.
  • How do you answer your friend? It depends on your club’s bylaws.
  • Even if you know answers to basic parliamentary questions it is important to know where to find the answer in RONR. It gives your answer authority and, in some cases, is a way to correct erroneous information that may be widely believed but is not true.

We will meet January 17, 2017, the third Tuesday, at the First Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, 1669 West Maple, from 9:30 until noon. Our lesson will be on Committee of the Whole and Its Alternates. Visitors are always welcome and I guarantee that you will learn something new!

Submitted by President Gretchen Denton