A full house of participants thoroughly enjoyed this program and the bountiful refreshments.  The Bloomfield Township Senior Center provided a lovely venue at the height of its springtime beauty.

Drawing from her own extensive experience, keynote speaker Connie Deford, PRP, described with pointed examples how Effective Members DO Create Good Meetings.

Next, Coco Siewert, PRP, guided a role-play of attendees through some problems often encountered in meetings. Hilarious though they were, these actions (and reactions) illustrated some of the worst nightmares of every meeting chair. Happily, Coco also explained how they can be avoided, or at least managed when all else fails.

The workshop ended, as always, with the popular “Ask the Experts”. Connie offered back-up with more examples from her work, as two LSPU leaders fielded questions from attendees.

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