LSPU AGENDA,  September 19, 2017

9:30 Presiding Officer: Dianne Bostic Robinson,   Parliamentarian: Joan Price

Opening Exercises

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

Thought for the Day

Welcome and introduction of guests.

9:45 Lesson: What Can I Learn in the Introduction to RONR and By Using the Index?

Presenter:      Karen Clemmons-Lloyd

Application Administrator:      Joan Heinicke

10 Minute Recess

Minutes of Annual Meeting on May 16, 2017      Minutes Approval Committee

Reports of Elected Officers

President      Dianne Bostic Robinson

Vice-president      Dot Martin

Recording Secretary      Max Rohtbart

Corresponding Secretary      Barbara Bonsignore

Treasurer’s Report      Beth Delaney

Reports of Appointed Officers

Parliamentarian      Joan Price

Public Relations      Karen Clemmons-Lloyd

Reports of Standing Committee Chairmen

Education Committee      Dot Martin

Membership Committee      Beth Haynes

Educational Materials      Vesta DeRiso

Report of Other Appointed Committees

Audit Report      Mary Ann Rosenberger

Webmaster      Mary Rack/Stefanie Lewis

Report of Ad Hoc Committee      Beth Haynes

New Business

Website Motion       Stefanie Lewis