Presenters Elizabeth Haynes, PRP, and Karen Clemons-Lloyd, NAP member, gave us a fresh take on meetings in their program Who is Mrs. Sun?:  The Life Cycle of a MeetingNo, Mrs. Sun isn’t a new member of the Louise Saks Unit but MRS. SUN is one of our favorite parliamentary acronyms.  MRS. SUN is the standard order of business, and while your organization may have a different order for business (an agenda) MRS. SUN reminds you of a meeting’s highlights.


First item on the agenda after opening the meeting is reading and approval of Minutes.

R  Reports of officers, including treasurer’s report, and reports of standing committees follows.

Reports of Special Committees sometimes called ad hoc committees report.

S  Special Orders, such as an election are next.

U  Unfinished Business (not old business) may follow if there is any unfinished business.

N  New Business where all new ideas are presented unless they were brought up in committee                           reports happen at this time.


MRS. SUN does not show the Call to Order or Opening Exercises, nor roll call, nor adjournment.  Even so, this easy acronym reminds you of all aspects of an average meeting.


Further, Presenters Beth and Karen helped create an image of a meeting that flows from start to finish with each part building on the previous part so that all can be accomplished in a timely manner.  For example, during the Reports of officers the treasurer’s report is given, so later in the meeting when a new item emerges, the organization will know how much money is available.    The minutes are approved early (no motion needed) to remind members of what happened when you last met and to indicate any business that was unfinished.


Every meeting needs an agenda and MRS. SUN provides it.  After all, a meeting without an agenda is Chaos, Calamity, and Confusion, likely a waste of time for all.