Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit

To learn & practice effective management of organizational meetings. Member of MSAP & NAP

Brief History

A headline in the January 19, 1977 Detroit News reads “New club has a goal to help others function.”

The story details the founding of the Parliamentary Study Club of Oakland by National Association of Parliamentarian’s locally based instructor Louise Saks. Members of the originating group were parliamentary students of Louise Saks and they came from

various organizations—the Oakland and Birmingham Branches of the American Association of University Women, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the State Parent Teachers Organization, Birmingham Musicale, and the Wayne and Oakland County Medical Society Auxiliaries.

Officers of the new club were: Delores Richards, president; Claire Harter, first vice president; Elaine Wessels, second vice president; Betty Drew, treasurer; Natalie Frey, recording secretary; and Coco Siewert, corresponding secretary. The latter two continue as members today. 

In 1977 Louise Saks was described as “one of Michigan’s six registered parliamentarians…helping organizations make fewer procedural mistakes in the meetings.” “We tell other groups how to amend their ways,” Louise Saks was quoted as saying.

The club honored its founder and longtime supporter, Mary Louise Saks, following her death on April 25, 1990, by changing the name of the group to the Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit (LSPU). At that same meeting, a permanent Memorial and Tribute Fund was established to honor the memory of Louise Saks and to provide a vehicle of support for educational activities.

To continue the teaching legacy of Louise Saks, several years ago LSPU began holding annual public workshops where practical presentations of parliamentary procedure are demonstrated. The intention of these programs is to highlight methods by which organizations can be more effective in planning and executing their administrative duties, as well as to assist members in understanding their rights and responsibilities in an organization.

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