Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit

To learn & practice effective management of organizational meetings. Member of MSAP & NAP

Membership Application

We are always pleased to welcome new members! 

To join us first clink on the following link to download this application to your computer. Then print and fill it out, enclose your check, and mail the two as instructed at the bottom.                                    _LSPU Membership Application_


Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit

A Division of the National Association of Parliamentarians®

I want to become a member of the Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit. I will do my best to acquire a knowledge of parliamentary law and help maintain professional standards in the practice and/or teaching of parliamentary law.

Included with this application are the initiation fee of ten dollars ($10) and the annual dues of thirty dollars ($30). Make check ($40) payable to LSPU.


Signature Date


Please provide the following information for LSPU’s use only.


Last First Middle Initial

Mailing Address________________________________________________

City__________________________State______Zip Code______________

Telephone (h)______________(w)________________(c)_______________


Organizational Experience________________________________________


Emergency Contact_____________________________________________

Name Phone


LSPU will complete.

Date LSPU Membership____________Date NAP Membership__________

Date of Registration________________Date of PRP___________________

Significant Leadership___________________________________________

Mail application and check to LSPU, P.O. Box 473, Birmingham, MI 48012.



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