Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit

To learn & practice effective management of organizational meetings. Member of MSAP & NAP

Theme: 2014-15

The theme for the 2014-2015 year of study is based on creating a society, The Garden Gnome Society, and to use the Society as a common theme in all lessons. This year, as much as possible, each lesson will consist of a presentation and a meeting of the Society to illustrate what was presented. For example, in the lesson on Minutes, the presenter will describe the importance of minutes and describe the components of them. During the meeting portion of the lesson, the presider will conduct a business meeting of the Society and learners could practice taking minutes or approve/correct the minutes from the last meeting. In all meetings, everyone will be invited to participate in whatever fictional situation related to The Garden Gnome Society is offered for business. In Getting Organized, the topic is the mass meeting for the purpose of forming a society and obviously, the presider will be convening such a meeting.

What is the Garden Gnome Society?
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The Garden Gnome Society, courageous in its defense of and admiration for what others call tacky, looks forward to a bright future by:

  • Developing guidelines for garden gnome use,
  • Planning fresh approaches to their decorative,
  • Tasteful placement,
  • Encouraging the creation of garden gnomes that meet high artistic standards, and
  • Publishing inspirational stories of how many have been influenced by these mischievous imps.

The Garden Gnome Society seeks to discover the finest examples of this unique art rooted in ancient myth and will offer training in suitable restoration techniques to help preserve these garden jewels.

While often maligned by their detractors, garden gnomes are here to stay, gracing a garden or serving as the focal point for attractive home landscaping. But, gnomes are under attack from all sides. Some condominium association rules prohibit their placement in areas seen by the public and there are malicious lies written about them in such best sellers as How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack.

Let’s build The Garden Gnome Society from the grassroots so that we can create and fulfill our dream of extravagant exhibits of garden gnomes in every happy home and garden in our community and nation.

Experts claim that there are 25 million garden gnomes in Germany. We can do better than that! Learn parliamentary procedure as we adopt The Garden Gnome Society as our fictional, fun organization for 2014-2015 Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit lessons.

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