Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit

To learn & practice effective management of organizational meetings. Member of MSAP & NAP

Webmaster Annual, May 2014

One way a report might be placed and how it would look. See the next page for another approach. 

Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit, Internet Activities, Annual Report

Mary Rack, Webmaster, April 26, 2014

Website Activity

For the first half of the program year Mary updated the LSPU pages on the NAP website to:

Reflect each monthly Unit program as it approached, Add items about special activities such as the March workshop and RONR presentations by members to local libraries, and Add pictures of members participating in such events.

By the start of calendar year 2014 the NAP website had been replaced by a version that did not provide pages for the units so our page disappeared. Fortunately MSAP granted LSPU permission to update our own information on their website, which Mary then did regularly. But space and options were very limited on the MSAP site, so Mary began focusing more on our Facebook page.


This site offers the Unit much greater visibility and ease of access because it is entered directly from the internet instead of having to be selected from the MSAP website. It also provides virtually unlimited space for copy and pictures, as well as several options for input by members and comments by readers. Mary updated the Facebook page regularly with information and pictures, and a few members read it. There were very few “likes” on the page and members seldom added posts, but that was more activity than on either the NAP or MSAP website, so it was progress.


In October 2013 Mary established a Twitter account. So far there has been very little activity, but Mary plans to put it to better use in the coming program year.

Experimental Website

In April Mary created an unofficial WordPress website for LSPU. It is attractive, spacious, versatile, and free. As such it has much potential for advertising Unit events and opportunities, sharing information among members and recruiting new members. She offered it to President Bonsignore as another way to broaden and perhaps enliven the Unit internet presence. Should the Unit decide to accept the website and make it official, Mary will manage it as Webmaster according to our current Standing Rule Number 22.


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