Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit

To learn & practice effective management of organizational meetings. Member of MSAP & NAP

LSPU Year-at-a-Glance

The following information is available in greater detail in the LSPU Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Here’s a condensed version for your convenience.

September  It’s the beginning of the program year that runs September through May. Each month two members, working as a team, present a lesson on a topic provided by the Education Committee.

October  Members receive, along with the monthly meeting notice, a dues reminder letting them know that their LSPU dues are due by January 1. Any member with reimbursable expenses needs to submit bills/receipts to the Treasurer before November 1.

November  The financial records of the Unit are closed on November 30 and submitted for audit.  Members adopt a budget for the next fiscal year of December 1- November 30.

December Several members bring special refreshments for the holiday season. There’s the usual parliamentary lesson and business meeting but we enjoy a longer social time.

January  Dues are due and payable the first of the month. Dues not received by February 1 are considered delinquent. Dues not received by March 1 result in forfeiture of membership.

February  Members elect a three-member Nominating Committee who will report in March..

March  Members elect a president, vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer.

April  Along with the regular meeting, members plan and present an annual public workshop to celebrate National Parliamentary Law Month. Members attend the workshop free.

May The Annual Meeting happens at the May meeting with officers and committee chairs submitting written reports. Members choose a meeting location where there can be a celebratory year-end luncheon paid for by members.

Other Notes & Acronyms  Members are encouraged to bring guests to all meetings. Being in LSPU is a way to practice parliamentary skills so members and guests are invited to participate fully.

MSAP Michigan State Association of Parliamentarians

MURP Michigan Unit of Registered Parliamentarians (rhymes with burp)

NAP National Association of Parliamentarians

RP Registered Parliamentarian, level of parliamentarian credential awarded by

NAP after registration exam

PRP Professional Registered Parliamentarian, highest level of parliamentarian

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